A women of many talents

The Voice Of Bethany Ray

Bethany’s voice has been described as Calming, Captivating, Alluring, Reassuring, Seductive, Mesmerizing, Entrancing and Enriching. The people who have had the pleasure of working with her have described her as Punctual and Professional. knowing the appropriate times to be Humorous and Serious, Bethany puts 110% into every project she is apart of. Studying the concepts, reasonings and emotions behind each role that she is gifted with, she will never disappoint. Bethany has led a life not many dare dream of, she has witnessed loss and horror and became the person she is today despite it all. A mother to three young boys, Bethany understands the importance of keeping home life and work life balanced, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work hard. Juggling Home Life, VO work, Writing, and the Arts can put a weight of pressure on some, but Bethany carries it with dignity and grace.

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“Voice-Overs are my calling. I believe ever since I was little I had a unique ability to become someone else. My passions were driven from cartoons and commercial’s and I have always strived to become one of them. I actually dreamed to become a Anime Character when I was little. Now, I’ve made my dream come true. “

Bethany Ray works on all Voice-over platforms. If you have a project in Commercial, Animation, Radio, Podcast, Voicemail, Narration or any other voice-over needs Bethany Ray should be your go to girl.

Bethany Professionally Produces and Edits all Audio files. ready to send in the file of your choice.

Bethany’s average turn around times are between 12-24 hrs for most projects such as Commercial and Animation. Other arrangements are made for lengthier Projects.

*Please include word length and estimated finished time in your initial project proposal. This is to give you the best quoted price.

*Quotes are subject to change based on type and length of project.

Average Revision prices are Between 10-25% of Original agreed upon price.

*First Revision Free up to five words, or sentences. (Based on size of project.)

” I believe everyone has a story to tell and I think that everyone should have a chance to express those stories, whatever the outcome may be.”

Bethany has lead a very adventurous life. one which lead her to many places, meeting thousands of people along the way. She has experience in some aspects of life that others would shutter at the thought of, and it has made her strong. Bethany wants to let the truth out, and to tell the pasts of those she had the grace to encounter.

Be warned, however, most of these stories are not for the faint of heart. Most Stories revolve around Kidnapping, Human Trafficking, Murder, Suicide, and other uncomfortable topics.

*Bethany Ray is a strong advocate towards women’s rights, Awareness and Prevention of Human Trafficking, Missing Children as well other foundations that help rescue victims of abuse.

*If you feel you have a story to tell, please feel free to reach out. I will gladly help you write a personal short story about your experience. ( your identity will remain confidential.) 50% of all profits made will go to the charity of your choice for the lifetime of the book.

Please take a look at my Speak Free page, located in the menu bar for information.

*Lets do our part to help those who can’t help themselves.

“Art runs in my veins. I can not remember a time where I wasn’t always drawing on something. It was an ability inherited from my Mother and Grandfather for sure.”

Bethany Ray is not a “Modern Artist.” She doesn’t know how to draw digitally or with any technological device. She likes to call herself a “Cave Women” when things like those are brought up.

With a good Pencil, Pen, or Crayon she can create beautiful master pieces or silly caricatures. “The best piece of art is one that just flows through you.”

* Once a month Bethany Ray sponsors a FREE Drink and Paint party class. Adults only. Where you can log on from the comfort of your laptop. Bust out your coloring tools. *changes based on class.* Pull out that drink from the freezer or liquor cabinet and settle in for an amazing, fun filled painting session. Each class lasts 45mins. You will learn various techniques from crayon to water color and laugh your butt off doing it. This is a time to relax and take break from the hectic pace of life.

*Please send me a message if you are interested in Drink and Paint Party Night. Space feels up fast. Dates are subject to change, Reservations for placement need to be made 24hrs in advance.

* If you are Interested In One on One Lessons, please provide that in you initial contact message. Private lessons are 30mins sessions at $25 a lesson with a three lesson minimum. I offer classes to all age groups.

Check out my Artistic Corner page located in the menu bar to see some of my work. Photos updated regularly.

Please contact me if you have any other questions.

Why You’ll Love Me

There is never been a better time to get me involved. For me or you. I guarantee complete satisfaction on all projects and classes. If any issue arises I will do my best to fix the problem in a Prompt timely fashion. I am dedicated to making you 100% happy, every time.

  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Punctual
  • Quick turn-around time
  • File format of your choice

Fast And Reliable

Bethany Knows when a job starts, its up to her to see it through. With an average Turn-around time between 12-24hrs, she always Delivers Professional quality products. *If an emergency happens, Bethany can be ready within 1-2hrs.

Privacy Protected

If you have a personal experience you wish to share, Bethany will remain 100% confidential about Your Identity. She believes your story should be shared, and will make you as comfortable doing so in the process. Everyone has the right to speak and be heard.

Light-hearted And Fun

When it comes to the more colorful side of the arts, Bethany considers herself a free spirit. She believes that Art doesn’t need a form to be beautiful and expresses that concept in all of her classes. Both kids and adults are sure to enjoy the free flowing style and laid back atmosphere.

Contact me at BethanyRaysVoice@gmail.com

For all Project Proposals please write “Project” in your header.
For help with writing your story, please write “Story” in your header.
For information on Party night or one on one classes, please write “ART” in your header.

*Response time is within 24hrs. *
Thank you.

*Make sure to check out my blog for updates on classes and general information about the projects I’m working on.